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An Anglo-Saxon dessert

The Charlotte, which originated in Britain, was created to pay tribute to Princess Charlotte, the wife of George III and Queen Victoria’s grandmother. It was brought over to France and reworked by a pastry chef, which resulted in the rasperry dessert that we all know and love. Today, the Charlotte is constantly being reinvented through even more delectable variations.
Thus, our Red Berry Charlotte is made up of sponge fingers, topped with a delicate raspberry mousse interlaced with a sponge layer soaked in syrup. The dessert is covered with an abundance of redcurrants, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, all beautifully arranged over the top.

A contrast of different textures

The authentic dessert plays on the contrasting textures of the crunchy sponge fingers, the light mousse and the melt-in-the-mouth sponge. Our desserts would be nothing without the red berries: they add flavour and give them their colourful, exquisite appearance.

To make it easier to remove the mould and slice, our Red Berry Charlotte is packaged in a cardboard box with an easy-to-use cutting guide, allowing it to be cut into 12 to 15 identical servings.

Our Red Berry Charlotte, free from preservatives, is produced in France and meets the needs of the food service market.

How to prepare


Straight from the freezer, unmould the dessert. Then, use the cutting guide to mark it into portions. Undo the flaps and side tabs. Place the product with it tray and leave to defrost for 4 to 5 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

– No need to cook –

Whole 1607Whole 1607
38.7 x 11.1 x 7.3 cm38.7 x 11.1 x 7.3 cm
800 g/sales unit800 g/sales unit
4 sales units/pack4 sales units/pack
4-5 hrs4-5 hrs
18 months18 months
12-15 servings12-15 servings

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