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Boncolac products at international scale

Boncolac is true ambassador of French know-how. It exports today its products to more than 25 countries

We adapt to meet the tastes and customs of international consumers across the continents, in order to forge strong links with our customers and establish a ever lasting presence in each country.

By offering its pastries and delicatessen products all over the world, Boncolac conveys values of sharing cultural openness and above all, a passion for gastronomy.

Boncolac distributes internationally under its own brands and those of private labels, across all networks – from supermarkets to off-site catering, including Home Service and Freezer Centres.

The company supports the most well-known central purchasing organisations in the following countries

Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Scandinavia, the United States, Japan, China… and many more !

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