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Our Expertise

Boncolac contributes to the success of professionals and the pleasure of guests by putting all its expertise at their service.

Our know-how is available to all restaurateurs, caterers, bakers, pastry chefs, consumers and restaurant chains who have a passion for healthy and original gourmet products.

Our experts in many fields stand by your side everyday

Boncolac, your partner for:

Bakery and dessert markets

Conscious of the constraints facing bakery and dessert professionals, Boncolac offers products that are suited to all needs. We focus on the consistency of our dough. Tasty and sweet, they are available in many varieties (pure butter, cocoa, cinnamon, etc.), different shapes (round, square), sizes and packaging. Our products can be supplied raw, pre-cooked, semi-finished, personalised, or assembled in your shops according to your individual requirements.

Caterers and reception organisers

Thanks to its service products (bread layers, pockets for garnishing (cocktail appetisers, bites, finger food) or its wide range of products for receptions, Boncolac can meet all your needs for your buffets, cocktails and event receptions. Personalised ranges, festive end of year snacks, hot and cold canapés, pains surprise (French picnic sandwiches), verrines (appetisers in a glass), brochettes (kebabs, skewers), etc. Boncolac has become an essential partner in these fields

Out Of Home (OOH)

Boncolac has been built and developed with partners in the off-site catering industry, whether they are distributors or the end-users.

Our approach goes from identifying the needs, to the deployment in restaurants, by putting our expertise and “savoir-faire” together with all the services that guarantee product success:

Product Service, R&D, Marketing and Offers, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, etc.


Independent or Chain, Boncolac Food Service offers a wide range of pastries (tarts, cakes, desserts, individual & mini) and delicatessen products (cold or hot appetisers, appetisers on trays or assortments, pains surprise, “service products”) from the most classic to the most original, thanks to the unique skills of our chefs. Numerous ready to serve, to decorate or to create-with products. These can be whole or pre-cut. And of course, carefully presented and rich in delicacy to meet the expectations of all customers. Mass Catering Independent or Chain, Boncolac offers dessert solutions adapted to the constraints of local authorities and catering ranges to suit different sizes and costs. The aim is to satisfy all your needs, simplify your desserts and meet the legal requirements of the law on the modernisation of Agriculture and Fisheries. Boncolac thus combines gourmet pleasure and health requirements by offering pre-cut portions from 60 to 80 grams, depending on the different user profiles (children or adults). These solutions also make it possible to control the per portion costs. Fast Food – Snacks (Take away, Deliveries, Quick Service and Click and Collect). To meet the specific needs of this fast-food industry, we have a whole range of cakes or individual snacks: Tartlets, pre-cut tarts, individual cakes, canapés, individual dishes, etc. With this product offer and others we can tailor, we will be able to meet all the needs of this catering sector: Fast foods, sandwich shops, transport catering, concessions, etc.

Consumer products


Boncolac’s high quality standards and “savoir-faire” have made it a strong partner for the frozen catering and pastry industry: Freezer Centres (Specialist Frozen Goods Stores) and Home Delivery Frozen Products developed under our customers’ own brands, reinforce Boncolac’s guarantee of quality and innovation, since this distribution channel is so demanding and complex.

OUR LICENCES (Large and middle-sized retailers)

We have developed products for three well known, publicly recognised, high profile brands, which we distribute under licence. We develop the products with their brand teams, share the challenges and strategic choices together. Lastly our Boncolac team gets to market and distribute them to super and hypermarkets.