Cereal Bread Pain Surprise

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Bread with 6 grains

Beautifully decorated with a scored top and sprinkled with flour, this Cereal bread pain surprise with bread “shell” has a real homemade look.
Ideal for all your buffets, it contains 50 sandwiches in 5 different varieties.

Made with oats, wheat, millet, corn, barley and rye, it is both soft and delicious.
What’s more, with these 5 popular recipes, it will be a success at all your events!

5 recipes to try:

  • Smoked salmon on a lemony butter;
  • Serrano ham on a thin layer of butter;
  • Goat cheese served with tomatoes, herbs and rocket;
  • Rillettes and hazelnut pieces;
  • A vegetarian recipe consisting of fromage frais with figs and walnuts.

Free from hydrogenated fat, this large pain surprise, 20 cm in diameter, is perfect for all your events!

How to prepare


Simply put this 6-grain pain surprise in the refrigerator for 36 hours before serving.

Diameter: 20 cmDiameter: 20 cm
50 sandwiches/sales unit50 sandwiches/sales unit
1.1 kg/sales unit1.1 kg/sales unit
2 sales units/pack2 sales units/pack
36 hrs in the refrigerator or 1 hr at room temperature36 hrs in the refrigerator or 1 hr at room temperature
18 months18 months

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