Vegan Banana bread

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Fancy some Banana bread?

This recipe contains bananas (purée& slices), brown sugar and whole wheat flour for an indulgent and tasty moment without guilt.

This delicious cake made with quality ingredients will for sure delight all your guests.

To ensure we always maintain the same level of quality, this product is in line with BONCOLAC FOOD SERVICE’S COMMITMENT CHARTER.

This product is free from preservatives, colourings, palm oil, lactose, and VEGAN certified.

Preparation guidelines :

Remove the flowpack.

Leave the cake in the mould and place in the microwave.

Heat for 4min30 at 800W. Wait 30 min before serving

In the REFRIGERATOR at +4°C :

Straight from the freezer remove all packaging and place on a plate.

Leave to defrost 9h30 at +4°C.

Wait 15 min before serving.

6658 Precut 6658 Precut
10 portions / SKU10 portions / SKU
870 g/sales unit870 g/sales unit
27 cm27 cm
4 SKU /case4 SKU /case
4 min 30 at 800W4 min 30 at 800W
9h30 at +4°C9h30 at +4°C
24 months24 months

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