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A bread base with a farmhouse flavour

A tasty, traditional choice, these farmhouse bread layers are a safe bet for your canapés! Their beautiful colour and light texture make them a great base for your creations.

Perfect for serving with meat, cheese or mixtures of different vegetables, they can be used to make countless varieties of both sweet and savoury bites!

Our bread layers have been specially designed in an extra-large size of approx. 30 x 40 cm to save you a considerable amount of time. The crustless recipe also reduces any waste and therefore, ensures you can optimize your productivity.

Quick and practical: butter, spread and simply arrange your chosen ingredients on the layer whilst still frozen, then cut it into the shape of your choice.

True to its values, Boncolac guarantees a product free from preservatives, palm oil, artificial flavours, or coconut vegetable fat, so that it can provide its customers with products of the highest quality.
Lastly, our bread layers can be used for making “Homemade” products.

All of our bread layers are made using French flour.

How to prepare


Lay your bread layer flat on a hard surface before using.

30 x 40 cm30 x 40 cm
5 layers/sales unit5 layers/sales unit
1.25 kg/sales unit1.25 kg/sales unit
2 sales units/pack2 sales units/pack
No need to defrostNo need to defrost
18 months18 months

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