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The flavour of Italy

With a great taste of olive oil and its lovely, slightly golden colour, our Focaccia bread layer is the perfect base for all your summer recipes!

Boncolac has used its extensive know-how to create these Focaccia bread layers with a soft, light and airy texture. With their Mediterranean flavours, they go perfectly with a multitude of ingredients such as cold meats, tomatoes and even peppers. The possibilities are endless!

Easy and convenient to use: their extra-large size (38 x 28.5 cm) will make you save a significant amount of time and the crustless recipe will keep any waste to a minimum, thus optimizing your productivity.

No need to wait before starting to prepare your bites: butter, spread and simply arrange your ingredients on the layer whilst still frozen and cut it however you like. It couldn’t be any easier or quicker!

These soft, flavoursome focaccia bread layers can be used in countless ways, thus making them the ideal base for all your creations, for a buffet that will delight all your customers.

True to its values, Boncolac guarantees that its products are free from preservatives, palm oil or artificial flavourings, so that it can provide its customers with products of the highest quality.



Leave the product to defrost at room temperature for 30 minutes. Then, bake in the oven for 4 to 5 minutes at 180°C. Allow to cool 10 minutes before cutting or shaping.

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38 x 28.5 cm38 x 28.5 cm
4 layers/sales unit4 layers/sales unit
2.4 kg/sales unit2.4 kg/sales unit
1 sales unit/pack1 sales unit/pack
30 mins in the refrigerator...30 mins in the refrigerator...
... 4-5 mins at 180°C... 4-5 mins at 180°C
18 months18 months

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