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The Chocolate Tart in a mini version

Chocolate tart is the ultimate indulgent dessert. A classic French pastry recipe that all chocoholics will love. This dessert tantalises the tastebuds with the smoothness of its chocolate filling and its chocolate icing, which goes perfectly with its delicious shortcrust pastry. That is why Boncolac Food Service wanted to make a mini version of the chocolate tart.

This tart, made with all butter chocolate shortcrust pastry, has a 60% cocoa chocolate filling made with ground almonds, and is topped with dark chocolate icing for a truly indulgent dessert. The mini version of our chocolate tart is 18 cm in diameter and is precut into 16 small portions to make it easier to serve. Each serving weighs 18 g and is perfect for a café gourmand or for offering as part of a buffet. This dessert, with its original size, will add variety to your café gourmand or buffet.

This mini version of our chocolate tart is intended for food service professionals and in particular, for table service restaurants. This dessert, being precut, can help you control costs. As it is already sliced into individual portions, you can just take out the number of servings you need.

This recipe contains no preservatives or artificial flavourings and what’s more, it uses free-range eggs.

How to prepare


Take the product out of all packaging even the mould and place it on a serving plate.
Leave to defrost in the refrigerator for:

  • 2 hours for the whole product
  • 45 minutes for one serving

We do not recommend baking this in the oven.

Pre-cut 5035Pre-cut 5035
18 cm18 cm
290 g/sales unit - 18 g/serving290 g/sales unit - 18 g/serving
4 sales units/pack4 sales units/pack
16 servings/sales unit16 servings/sales unit
2 hrs or 45 mins/serving2 hrs or 45 mins/serving
24 months24 months

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