Pear “Bourdaloue” Tart

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As simple as can be

  • Dark chocolate sauce
  • Toasted flaked almonds
  • Caramel tuile
  1. Make the decoration with a dark chocolate sauce
  2. Arrange the tart slice and decorate with toasted flaked almonds and caramel tuiles

A Generous Delight

  • Dark chocolate pieces
  • Gingerbread cubes
  • Banana micro-slice
  1. Make a circle with the gingerbread cubes in the centre of the tart
  2. Decorate with pieces of dark chocolate and banana micro-slices

A Touch of Elegance

  • Textured pineapple coulis
  • Apple micro-slice
  • Mango pearls
  1. Make an apple micro-slice, mango pearls and textured pineapple coulis (see recipe)
  2. Arrange the tart slice on your plate and decorate to your taste


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