Multilayer Croque-Monsieur

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1 Slice of bread1 Slice of bread
Liquid whole eggs or 56 medium beaten eggs x 1000 gLiquid whole eggs or 56 medium beaten eggs x 1000 g
Semi-skimmed milk x 1400 gSemi-skimmed milk x 1400 g
Fine salt x 24 gFine salt x 24 g
Ground white pepper x 2 gGround white pepper x 2 g
Entremont Extra Fine-Grated Emmental x 80 gEntremont Extra Fine-Grated Emmental x 80 g
Ham slices x 186 gHam slices x 186 g
Entremont Emmental slices x 174 gEntremont Emmental slices x 174 g

Instructions and assembly

Let the slice of white bread thaw on the work surface for 5 minutes.
Cut four strips, each 30 cm long (the width of the bread slice) by approximately 10 cm wide (following the shape of the terrine as it widens out, here from 8.5 cm to 11 cm).
Beat the whole eggs with the milk in a bowl to make the eggy bread mixture, and season with salt and pepper.
Place a first strip of bread in the terrine, which should be 30 cm long. You should have adjusted the width of the bread to fit the terrine.
Pour the eggy bread mixture over the top.
Cover with a layer of grated emmental, a layer of ham slices and then a layer of emmental slices.
Repeat this twice, then finish off with a final slice of bread and pour eggy bread mixture over the top one last time.
Cover and bake in a dry oven for 40 minutes at 160 °C.
After cooking, take the terrine out of the oven and sit a second terrine, the same size as the first, on top of it, so that everything is packed tightly for cooling.
Fill the top terrine to one third with water, to increase the weight.
Place everything in the chiller.
After chilling, turn out the croque and trim the two ends (taking off around 100g). Weight after cooking: 1120g, or 12 x 85g portions per terrine.
Cut slices around 2 cm wide, brown them and heat them in a frying pan with sunflower oil.
Serve in a wooden punnet, with a green salad for example.