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1 Slice of bread 1 Slice of bread
One egg x 50 gOne egg x 50 g
Semi-skimmed milk x 30 gSemi-skimmed milk x 30 g
Camembert x 360 gCamembert x 360 g
Little gem lettuce quarters x 300 gLittle gem lettuce quarters x 300 g
Granny Smith apple sticks x 240 gGranny Smith apple sticks x 240 g
Walnuts kernels x 24 gWalnuts kernels x 24 g

You can also use a slice of white bread.

Instructions and assembly

Cut out twelve discs 6 cm in diameter and slice twelve strips of 3 x 17 cm within the slice of bread.
Grease stainless steel circles with a cooking oil spray (6 cm diameter and 3.5 cm high), place the discs of bread at the bottom of the circles and line the sides with the strips of bread.
Brush generously the inside of the formed bread fondue pots.
Bake at 165 °C for 10 min. Remove from the stainless steel circle and bake at 165 °C for a further 5 min.
Place the piece of Camembert in the fondue pot and leave it for 10 min in the switched-off oven to slowly melt.

Serve on a plate and add a little Gem lettuce quarter, some apple sticks, and a few crushed walnuts over the melted Camembert.