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1 Lemon bread slice1 Lemon bread slice
Cooked red quinoa x 500 gCooked red quinoa x 500 g
Cooked white quinoa x 500 gCooked white quinoa x 500 g
Olive oil x 100 g (quinoa + marinade)Olive oil x 100 g (quinoa + marinade)
Lemon juice x 30 gLemon juice x 30 g
Ricotta x 100 gRicotta x 100 g
Tomato confit purée x 50 gTomato confit purée x 50 g
Bunch of Thai basil leaves x 30 gBunch of Thai basil leaves x 30 g
Pink radishes x 6Pink radishes x 6
Green asparagus spears x 16Green asparagus spears x 16
Carrot tagliatelle x 16 (mandolin) Carrot tagliatelle x 16 (mandolin)
Flat-leaf parsley x 30 gFlat-leaf parsley x 30 g
Parmesan shavings x 100 gParmesan shavings x 100 g
Salt, pepperSalt, pepper
Brocolis florets x 8Brocolis florets x 8
Yellow courgettes x 2Yellow courgettes x 2
Cherry tomatoes x 16Cherry tomatoes x 16

Instructions and assembly

Cut out 8 discs, each of 6.5 cm in diameter and 8 strips, which are 2 cm wide, lengthways out of the lemon bread slice.
Line the tartlet moulds by placing the bread strips around the sides of the tartlet mould before adding the discs to the bottom.
Brush it all with olive oil.
Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 °C.
Leave to cool before removing from the moulds.
After having cut the vegetables into tagliatelle and round slices, blanch all the vegetables until tender-crisp.
Mix the cooked red and white quinoa together with the olive oil, lemon juice, ricotta and season with salt and pepper.
Make the marinade with the tomato confit purée, olive oil, and finely chopped Thai basil leaves.


Fill the bottom of the lemon bread tartlets with the quinoa mixture until half full. Then, add the vegetables, arranging them nicely.
Add a dash of the tomato confit marinade and serve.

Top tip

Ensure the strips of bread are well stuck to the circles by pressing them with your fingers.
Grease the moulds before adding the bread.

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