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1 Slice of bread 1 Slice of bread
Crème de Brie x 500 gCrème de Brie x 500 g
Soya bean x 90 g Soya bean x 90 g
Dried cranberries x 180 gDried cranberries x 180 g
Roasted hazelnuts x 180 g Roasted hazelnuts x 180 g

Instructions and assembly

Slice the cereal bread layer lengthwise (along the 40 cm side) to make 20 strips that are 2 cm wide.
Then cut each of the long strips lengthways into three 10 cm strips, so that you have 60 pieces in total.
Place each strip on an oven-proof rack, then place a stainless steel tube between each semi-cylinder to give them their shape.
Bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 °C.
Leave to cool before removing from the moulds.


Using a piping bag, add a dot of crème de Brie to each bread wave.
Decorate with the soya beans, dried cranberries and roasted hazelnuts.


You can make many different fillings and creams, the bread makes an excellent base for your aperitifs and tapas.

Other flavours

  1. Granny Smith apples and thinly-sliced dry-cured ham
  2. Pears, diced and walnuts kernels

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