Make 16 portions of baked eggs in soldiers from one layer of farmhouse bread.

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1 Slice of bread 1 Slice of bread
Whole eggs x 800 gWhole eggs x 800 g
Fine salt x 10 gFine salt x 10 g
Ground white pepper x 1 gGround white pepper x 1 g
Thick crème fraîche x 192 gThick crème fraîche x 192 g
Fine salt x 8 gFine salt x 8 g
Ground white pepper x 1 gGround white pepper x 1 g
Chopped chives x 8 gChopped chives x 8 g
Trout eggs x 48 gTrout eggs x 48 g

Instructions and Assembly

Cut 4 x 17 cm strips in the slice of farmhouse bread.
Grease the stainless steel circles (4 cm high and 6 cm across).
Line the inside of the circles with the strips of bread.

Egg preparation

Break a whole egg into each of the thus formed containers, season with the salt and pepper and bake for 12 min at 160 °C.
Once baked, the upper part of the white and yolk should be trembling.

Seasoned chive cream

Remove the circle and arrange on the plate, add a quenelle of thick crème fraîche on top of the egg, season with a little salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped chives and add half a teaspoon of trout eggs.

Serve with a lamb’s lettuce salad.